CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

CJ sanding down her Didgereedoo

Bexta de-barking her didg!

On our jewellery making course (and no it is neither of us...

Us proudly modelling our lovely hand made jewellery

Australia's most easterly point - at Byron Bay

The lovely lighthouse at Byron Bay

CJ at the controls and about to take flight in a glider!

Byron Bay from the air!

Coming into land!!

This page has now been updated with the remaining photos of Byron Bay.

Byron Bay, what a great place!! So chilled out, great weather, fab beaches, and so much to do!! We were originally only going to stay for a few nights but ended up extending our stay as we couldn't fit everything in that we wanted to do!! You can certainly see how people get lost in this place and never leave!

We stayed at a hostel called the Arts Factory which is a bit like a Butlins Camp for adults, as theres so many activities that you can do if you so choose or you can just lie around the in hammocks all day and watch the world go by!!

In terms of activities our first choice was to make our own Didgereedoos which took us in all about 5 hours to make over 2 days. It was quite hard work in terms of stripping the bark and then sanding it all down. But now we both have our own didgereedoos (that are currently winging their way back to England on a boat as they are too big to carry around!!), we just have to learn to play them now!! Whilst there we also signed up for a jewellery making lesson and successfully managed to make a necklace and a pair of earrings!!

On the 11th Feb it was Becky's birthday, and a big one at that, her 30th!! So we had to make it a day to remember. In the morning we went kayaking out in the sea in search of dolphins, and we saw quite a few pods of them!! Then after lunch we both had a kite surfing lesson. Kite surfing for those that don't know, is when you stand on a board and are pulled across the waves by a kite! And what a powerful kite is it as we soon found out!! We didn't actually make it onto the board in the water as apparently it takes about 6-8 hours of lessons before you are able to handle the kite and board together, but after 2 hours of learning to fly, steer, land and launch the kite was enough for us!!

The following day whilst Bexta who seems to have caught the bug went back for another kite surfing lesson, CJ went for a flight in a self launching glider!! Basically it was a glider that could launch itself as it had its own engine (rather than being towed up into the air by another plane), and then when you're at the right height you just switch off the engine and glide around and take in the beautiful views!! A quick moment of panic when the engine was turned off, but soon this fear was distracted when CJ was given a chance to fly the plane!! Obviously following in her father's (pilot's) shoes!!

We also checked out the local marine life whilst there, Bexta snorkelled and CJ scuba dived. Byron Bay is a good place to dive as it is the most Easterly point of Australia, and where the northern tropical waters meet with the slightly colder southern waters, therefore giving a mixture of tropical and colder water fish!! And a great dive it was!!

All in all a very enjoyable few days in Byron Bay, and definitely a place that we would love to go back to again!

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