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I'm sure there are a few of you that will appreciate this...

Karyn's middle school in Bexley, OH

Karyn's grandparents' former home in Bexley

Karyn's childhood home in Bexley

Karyn's elemetary school in Bexley

Karyn's favorite pizza place...still around with the son now running the place

We rolled into Columbus, Ohio around 6 p.m. and hurriedly set up the camper, fed Maggie and headed out.

I was on a mission to take some pictures of my old hometown. I lived in the very Jewish community of Bexley, Ohio until I started high school in 1980, at which time we moved to Hollywood, Florida. Although at the time I was really unhappy to be dragged away from my life long friends and family, I now know it was the best thing my parents ever did. Otherwise, I am quite convinced I would still be living here (and if you have ever been to Columbus, OH you know it is a bleak, gray place).

We quickly visited the house I grew up in (and which, even to this day, I still have dreams about - is that strange?), my grandparents' house (literally 3 or 4 blocks from our house), my elementary and middle schools, and my favorite pizza place that even after all this time I still jones for (the guy running it is the son of the man who ran Rubinos when I lived in Bexley. Nothing had changed since we left - it still looked the same, smelled the same and tasted the same (except the bread was not as good and they used to use little pats of butter and now they use those little country crock butters). It was a quick trip down memory lane, but it was fun (interesting fact - the founder of The Limited was from Bexley, Ohio). Strangely, although I cannot remember what I wore yesterday, I can remember every street of Bexley as if I had lived there yesterday. I guess the earliest memories in one's life are always the strongest.

And, of course, we had to get a picture of White Castle. I still remember my father coming home with 40 or 50 "sliders". UGH!

We considered driving out to Ohio State University and taking our picture with a hand made sign that said "Ohio State University - a wholly owned subsidiary of University of Florida", but cooler heads prevailed. We will save that for another day.

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