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Had planned to get up early but neither of us slept well for some reason. So, instead of getting an early start for Charlottetown and the Eastern section of PEI, we didn't leave until after 10:00. Then, the GPS didn't work so I had to use good ole map reading skills - what a tragedy! I had already mapped the route using the software and so, we didn't get lost. Found a Wal-mart, parked the rig and drove the truck into Charlottetown, the capitol of PEI. What a lovely town! Reminded me of Doylestown or Newtown but with a population of about 35,000. There are brownstones and Victorian style houses, charming shops and churches ringing a lovely wharf area. Lots of great pubs and restaurants too.

As I probably mentioned, there are a lot of people here of Scotch descent. Everywhere you go, the names on the roads, towns and are Scottish; MacNeil, MacNutt, Stewart, Kilburn etc...In one town, we were asking directions and could barely understand the man when he gave us information. The church graveyards are also full of families with Scottish names. Lots of Presbyterian, Baptist and Anglican churches with the United Church of Canada and Roman Catholic interspersed. Those of you who know me, know that I think that the churches are the most interesting aspect of community life. Here, they all look similar and all are beautiful, wooden, white with tall steeples.

We are camped at Red Point Provincial Park on the northeast coast of PEI along the Northumberland Strait. It is very beautiful here with sites on hills overlooking the water. It is also very windy but clear. The moon is full and seems enormous in this remote spot.

The wind is blowing so hard that Dixie is freaked out by the sound. Of course, that is nothing compared to the shock I got when I heard a sound as I was writing this, turned around and saw a mouse!!!!!!! It scampered along the kitchen floor and dove into the space under the refrigerator. We couldn't find it although we looked but needless to say, we are NOT happy campers. Guess we'll be putting some bait under the refrigerator.

P.S. Forgot to take my camera into Charlottetown....can you believe that?

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