Graham and Phil's 2007 Summer Destination: Southeast Asia!!! travel blog

That title may have scared the parents, but no worries....Graham and Phil are getting old and can't quite hang like we used to! This town is hilarious! It is literally filled with backpackers, bars, crepe stations, and episodes of FRIENDS on repeat. yesterday we decided to rent bicycles and explore a bit....I had read about this Organic farm here where of course, they grow organic foods, but it's also a volunteer program where you can stay a while and help teach english to the local Children. We rode our bikes there and found we could sit and have lunch...once again, an amazing meal! Their specialty was growing Mulberry leaves and making Mulberyy Pancakes, Mulberry shakes, etc. I guess the Mulberry leaf has been used for centuries in Japanese Medicine to help regulste blood sugar....very good for Type 1 diabetes. We both had shakes and they were very good...I mean it...not a gross organic weird thing at all! Tasted like a really good fruit shake!

Anyways, as we were eating lunch we started seeing truckloads of backpackers coming through with intertubes...we couldnt really see much else, but we heard a lot of screaming. Turns ou this small town makes a fortune by rentin gintertubes out to the tourists and sending them off down the fast streaming river. We obviously wanted to take part, so we rode back to town, got oursselves some tubes, then went flying down the river with a couple from london, and four Ireland Ladies. Soon after we started down the river stream, we saw a bamboo made bar blasting Kanye West and holding out long poles for us to catch, so they could pull us in to join the party. We decided to pass and continued to pass about four more of these random party houses until we finally decied to reach out for a tire swinging our direction and jumped off our tubes at the biggest bar we saw! People were just hanging out all day, drinking beer after beer, playing volleyball and swinging from swings into the river, only to be pulled back to the bar by bamboo stick! We laughed a lot, had one beer and headed back! We have some great pics!

Today we joined a group and went for a short hike to a water cave, where we once again found ourselves floating in tubes, and pulling on a rope leading us inside a cave....sort of creepy but really cool! The group ended the day by tubing down beer/kanye west infested river, but we decided to pass...we're such nerds! Afterwards we decided to explore Vang Vieng a bit more and found a huge cave and a beautiful water pool that the little local boys were swimming in....there were bareley any other tourists there...we couldn't believe people were missing out on these sights, but to each their own!

Tomorrow morning we take a bus to Vientiane, just to catch a flight to Hanoi, Vietnam. Busy day of traveling but we should be in touch soon! It's so great to hear from everyone and we're glad to hear only good things from you peops back in the States! I have to go help Graham plan our Vietnam trip now. Oh, P.S., my flat Iron has suffered a tortured death in the outelts of Asia...that's what I get for trying to straighten my hair in 90 degree weather and humidity! Love you all!


Graham and Phil

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