Jan's Antarctica Adventure 2007-8 travel blog

Sunrise: 0449, Sunset 2125.

Today, we have been at sea, travelling between Auckland Islands and Macquarie Island, so there is not too much action to report. This is fine with me as I experienced a rather rugged night last night as the ship was tossed around on the high seas. I knew we were in for strife when the waiters put away all the bottles and put anti-slip covers on the tables, and we were told to secure all loose objects in our cabins. We were also instructed to tie ourselves into our beds (yes, all the beds are supplied with Velcro straps) in case we fell out during the night. Needless to say, I experienced my first bout of seasickness and just a little worry as I could hear the waves crashing against the window all night and the ship lurching from side to side, and up and down - a couple of times I felt like I was on a rollercoaster. However, today has been a beautiful sunny day and I found a lovely sheltered spot on Deck 6 so I could lie in the sun for a while. I imagine this might be the last time I will get any sun with warmth in it for a while. You can feel it getting colder - air temp yesterday was 10 degrees C and water temp around 11. The days are also getting longer. Tonight we put our watches back an hour, so we will be on the same time as Melbourne.

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