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We drove the second half of this huge park today and took a hike with a geology and biology interpreter. Movement of Earth's plates caused the ocean's floor, Earth's mantle, to rise above Earth's crust here. The chemistry of the rock is so different that few plants know how to survive here. It isn't a climate difference that makes one side of this glacial canyon entirely different from the other in its vegetation. One side thick forest, the other barren yellow rock. It's all in the rock chemistry.

This day was so beautifully sunny and warm that it seemed all Newfoundlanders were outside. We drove through several tiny towns that are on the coasts, surrounded by this National Park. Everywhere there was laundry hung out. Fishermen were drying cod. People were mowing, gardening, raking hay or just sunbathing on porches and kids were biking and playing all over.

Tomorrow, Friday, we head 200 miles back toward the ferry to return to Nova Scotia on Saturday morning. We hope to stop along the way where we may be able to see whales from shore. It's been great to spend 3 nights parked in the same spot - a nice campground with wireless internet here!

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