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Scattered sunshine in Newfoundland today!

Western Brook Pond fjord - see the waterfalls in the distance

Our first moose sighting - cow and calf right by the road

Beautiful day today, scattered sunshine, no rain.

The boat trip on the fjord was wonderful after a 2 mile walk on trails and boardwalk over bogs to get to it. Actually it stopped being a true fjord 8,000 years ago when it turned to fresh from salt water. Water is now so pure it isn't even able to sustain as many fish as a lake its size should - like distilled water. So deep it appears almost black. The trip took us way back into the canyon you see in our picture, back past many waterfalls, including a huge one named "Pissing Mare Falls".

We hear there are 100,000 moose on the Newfoundland island and 5,000 in this park so we expected to see some. This cow and calf took us by surprise today though, right along the main road. We think they must be on the payroll here.

Seeing the moose made it a little harder for me to order the dinner I wanted to try tonight - a Newfoundland favorite, Moose Meat Pie. But I did order it, ate it, and found it to taste great. They don't feed and raise moose for consumption here but eat what hunters bring in. The owner of our local restaurant here provides his own moose for the restaurant.

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