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What a full day!!!!! First thing I did was get up and go for a run - about two miles- with Dixie of course. We ran the Adams Estate Trail - Les and Carlie, of course I thought of you. Got any relatives here? It was a lovely deep woods path that initially was gravel/cinder but ultimately became very trail-like with tree roots and steep sections.

Then, back "home" for breakfast and a trip to the West Quoddy Lighthouse we visited at sunset last evening. The tide was out so we walked across two gorges, up and down steep rusted staircases and across a rounded pebble trail surrounded by seaweed covered boulders. The lighthouse was beautiful - it is wooden and was built in 1829; now owned by a charitable trust. The folks who volunteer for the trust were busy painting the outbuildings and interior of the lighthouse itself and we made a donation so we could climb to the top. One of the workers is from York, Pennsylvania with a summer home on this island.

The view from the top was absolutely lovely - wide vista of various islands and coves surrounding the bays. While up there, we saw a large fin whale breaching right near a few whale-watching boats. We watched for some time with one of the volunteers who knew whether the whale was diving deep or simply taking shallow dives. She was right - when the whale arched steeply, the show was over. Needless to say it was neat to see a totally different kind of whale.

Then, on to the Roosevelt Cottage; a mere 38 rooms overlooking a lovely cove. The gardens were stunning; especially the garden of dinner-plate dahlias of every hue. Even Bob was impressed with their size although he was quick to make comparisons.

After lunch, we decided to play nine holes of golf on the Herring Cove course. You can play nine or 18 but they are the same holes, you just play from a different tee. There is a reason that "golf" spelled backwards is "flog". Good thing we were not playing for the household championship - both of us were awful but Bob did get one par on a 204 yard par three. I think between us we lost about a dozen balls. The fairways were hilly, narrow and were tree-lined and/or water lined. The course was in excellent shape and there was virtually no one playing.

Then, came "home" to take Dixie for a long hike out along Liberty Point where we saw several harbor seals swimming in the water far below. There were also cormorants and common eider ducks aplenty. The scent of the balsam forest we hiked through was evocative of Christmas and when we neared the cliffsides, the smell of wild roses was intoxicating.

Haven't seen anyone kayaking although we have seen a lot on the tops of vehicles. No time for us to do anything more today though except collapse from a nice kind of tired.

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