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Monday afternoon 3 pm, we sit here at the ferry dock, waiting for our 6 hour, 110 mile ride to Newfoundland, on a huge ferry that will burn about 4,000 gallons of fuel on each crossing.

Nice they have wireless internet! The cost of almost $15 for access for 24 hours is a killer but I'm getting all caught up on all my work, so consider it money well spent. I'll be able to keep busy on the computer for the entire 6 hour crossing getting photos uploaded and this journal up to date.

Gregg is staying busy talking to the truck drivers waiting to board, learning about places to find free wireless Internet...they say most McDonalds now have it. There will be 30 or so commercial tractor-trailers on board though this ship can carry as many as 77 of them. About 10 of these tonight are carrying equipment for the Cirque du Soleil that will be appearing in Newfoundland. The drivers work for an outfit that transports equipment for shows so they get to attend all the shows for free. They love their vagabond lives. I told Gregg he should become a long distance truck driver - he's so experienced now. That would work well with the retirement career I am now planning - International beer taste-tester. The Canadian beers have been excellent!

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