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along the Cabot Trail drive around Cape Breton Highlands - an Acadian...

Lots of lighthouses here

Joe's Scarecrows - about 100 of them just sitting out in the...

the story of Joe's Scarecrows

A closeup of some of the scarecrows.

Many of the scarecrows had names and quotes pinned on them.

Jaw-dropping, breathtaking views all around us. The most beautiful area we've seen yet despite rain, rain, rain that makes it hard to get good pictures. No wonder it's so lush here. The fire-danger gauge sign indicates "low" - something we never see in Arizona. We see bi-lingual signs again (Quebec was all French - no English in many, many places...) Here the signs with town names are in English and in Gaelic! Of course the Gaelic may as well be Arabic or Chinese as far as we can tell.

People here are so friendly and helpful - a joy to be here. There are surprises if you watch for them. Read about Joe's Scarecrows in my pictures.

I found the world's best yarn shop today in Baddeck. Yarns made with seaweed, bamboo and soy bean fibers as well as the most gorgeous wools, cottons, silks, etc. My yarn-loving friends and family would have gone nuts with me. I was there 1/2 hour before their stated opening time and the ladies inside saw my yearning face through the window and invited me in. Gregg says "Yeah, they saw your wallet coming in!" He is right, as usual. I did not disappoint the nice ladies.

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