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Went on a trip up through the Rockies. Got to places like Jasper, Banff (near Calgary) Revelstoke and Kelowna. Met some really great people again. It's amazing how many people you meet on your travels and how well everyone gets on. There's almost a "built-in" affinity amongst backpackers. I guess it comes from sharing the same kind of experiences and therefore the same mindset. Whatever the reason, its resulted in me meeting so many brill people.

The scenery in the Rockies has been just phenomenal and we've been camping out. Done some serious hiking and climbing.

The only downside to being here has been picking up some freeloading companions in the form of bed bugs again! Haven't had any of that since I was in Coogee, near Sydney, despite having stayed in many hostels along the way. I suspect the little beggars infiltrated by backpack and are in my clothes. I'm now back staying in a hostel at the end of the tour rather than going to Mylis's as planned. I wouldn't want to infest Mylis's Mum's spare bedroom with these bloodthirsty little beggars!

So,I'm in the process of doing a seriously major wash of all my kit to rid meself of any last vestiges of the damned things.

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