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Hello everyone.

We sailed into Helsingor on August 16 around 4 pm. We spent an extra day sailing about in the wind and rain....great wind for sailing unfortunately usually comes with rain!! And it was cold enough for fleece, wool socks, wool hat and a rain coat!

Helsingor is a beautiful city off the Baltic coast. Its population is about 100,000 which makes it a nice size for walking to most places. While seeing the world by ship your legs become you most important mode of land transport unless you are able to navigate the bus/tram system. As my Danish is not that good I choose to walk.

Everyone is very friendly and for the most part speak a bit of English, enough to give me directions at the very least. One elderly lady helped me in the bank today and then insisted on letting me go ahead of her!

During the sail from Rostock to Helsingor I was on 2000-2400 hr. watch. Meaning, that I stood on the bridge watching for marine traffic during the daylight and their lights when it got dark. Once in a while the captain would come out and say...."there should be a white flashing light to starboard"....and I would have my binoculars to try and find it. Whats funny is that he would walk out onto the bridge and say "oh there it is" and I still could not see it even with my binoculars. I began to suspect that he was telling me of lights that were non-existant just to give me something to do!!

We lose a lot of the crew here in Helsingor. Many of them are currently taking their training to become officers. So we will say good-bye to Fabian (quite the character who tells me that he "lives only for the beer and the girls"), Mike and Phillipe. In one years time they will be officers aboard non-sailing vessels.

I wish I could post pictures, perhaps when I have more time in Copenhagen I can move them to a disc and then try to load them to my Photobucket or perhaps I will find a thumb drive to download them to. So, I am not neglecting the pictures, I just have no way of adding them at this time.

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