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Vang Vieng - most popular place for backpackers in Laos, because of tubing! It's a beautiful town high up in the mountains with a river running right through and the setting is just amazing. Everyone comes here to go tubing - basically floating down the river in a big rubber tyre, stopping off at all the makeshift bars along the way for lots of Beerlao, whiskey buckets and swinging off the ropeswings! Was so much fun, met loads of people and prob best day in Asia for me so far. The swings and jumps started off pretty tame but by the last one were VERY high...and just need to say i jumped off all of them (others weren't so brave!!) think my courage came from the alcohol...was more worried about losing my bikini on hitting the water with everyone watching than my fear of heights or getting swept away in the current downstream...such a good day...although the ending was a little scary as we'd ignored requests to be back by 6pm and were floating back in the pitch black, half drunk not having any idea where or how to get off, everyone scaring each other with snake/crocodile stories...very funny...or it was once we were back on firm ground anyway!

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