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Haim, Mike & me - boat across border, a bit cramped!

Welcome to Laos!

The Mekong





Pak Beng

very hard to get comfortable!


2 days on this!


to ease the pain

village on the Mekong

Luang Prabang bowling alley

non-stop rain


Royal Palace


Top of the temple - totally soaked


Alms giving of the monks - got up at 5.30am to see...



Nick & Red clowning around

LP bus station

I left Pai & the girls (still hobbling) to make my way back to Chiang Mai. I caught another bus from there onto the Thai border town of Chiang Khong where i met 2 Irish lads Red & Nick. We were all heading the same way to Luang Prabang in Laos so made the hellish 3 day journey together. Spent the first night in Chiang Khong, crossed over the river border into Laos (at Huay Xai) and then spent the next 2 days on a slow boat along the Mekong River. The scenery was absolutely stunning which made up a little bit for the numerous hours we had to spend on a VERY uncomfortable cramped boat! Fortunately we didn't have to sleep on the boat so spent the first night in Pak Beng - a real hustler village and our first taste of Laos - and by the second evening fortunately we were in Luang Prabang and more than ready for a few BeerLaos with a few other travellers we'd picked up along the way....which turned out to be the most random drunken night in a bowling alley?!..very funny..far too much BeerLao & LaoLao (rancid local spirit).

Luang Prabang is a very pretty French Colonial town right on the river and had a good vibe to it, the Lao people are so friendly. It is also full of tourists & not quite how i expected Laos to be i don't think - there are just so many travellers everywhere in Asia, am still finding that hard to get used to!

So spent a day walking around the town and sight seeing with Mike, a Canadian guy from the boat. Went to a couple of temples and the Royal Palace and museum. Not much else to do here unless you go outside of town and can visit nearby waterfalls, which we wanted to do, but unfortunately weather pretty rubbish and torrential rain for 2 days so decided to give them a miss and we (me and the 3 lads) left after only 2 nights and headed for the next stop, Vang Vieng.

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