CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

The Doyles - Judy, Brian, and Rowie. All as mad as hatters!!...

The Terrible Trio!!

Us in traditional Ozzie Akubra hats

We took these photos after we had uploaded the last lot as we thought you might be interested in seeing them.

The first photos are of us and the Doyles family - Brian, a well known comedian in Australia, Judy his wife, and Rowena our mad friend who we both met in the UK when she was working at Bhs. Last year, just before we left the country off on our travels, Rowie very kindly asked if we would like to spend Xmas with her family in Sydney! And what a great time we had. We would just like to say thank you to the Doyles for having us to stay. They were very hospitable and treated us like on of the family!

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