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Beginning of the trip

Rickshaw drivers taking a break

Taking a ride

Kids playing checkers

The Forbidden City

The Great Wall...Celebrities!

Many people on the Wall

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On top of the Great Wall

July 24th

Tanya and Darren began their adventure from Canada all the way to Beijing to begin a year of amazing memories! We flew to Beijing with Tanya's mom Jackie and her brother Chism. We spent 6 days in Beijing....an awe-inspiring city of 18 million people. Quite the eye opener for a couple of kids from the prairies. We were able to get out to see many of the attractions such as the Great Wall (what a serious climb), Tiannamen Square, The Forbidden City, as well as many other interesting sites.

The people were very friendly everywhere we went but unfortunately the smog is overbearing. I don't think we saw the sun during the whole time we were there. At least the beer is cheap...We had many of those one night (the cheapest ones being about 30 cents) and even hit up a club that looked liked it hosted Chinese mafia in the back rooms.

We are on our way to Xi'an in the center of the country....long train ride ahead. God bless deodorant...and those who wear it!

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