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Pai is a lovely hippy town in the mountains of north Thailand & nice as is pretty remote and not too built up...yet! The area all around it is beautiful, lots of rivers and green jungle everywhere. Decided not to do anymore trekking here as was feeling a bit lazy & is too hot so did a day white water rafting instead...lots more fun! The rapids were graded 4-5 so not too fast for a first-timer like me and we only had one near boat-flip moment where i luckily managed to stay in the boat...others weren't so lucky! There were lots of swimming spots along the river though with waterfalls, natural hot springs and even cliff jumping, so all in all a great but very long day.

Spent the few days here with 2 dutchies, Carolien & Kristel who i'd met on the cooking course in Chiang Mai. We stayed in these really nice jungle lodges - although mine had a few too many "housepets" for my liking! We hired scooters one day to explore the surrounding area although my ride was pretty short lived! They asked me in the shop if i'd ever ridden one before - i said no thinking i was going to get a lesson, but no, they just handed me the key and pointed to my bike. (You really can't fault the health & safety standards of the Thais!...) Kristel gave me a quick lesson, i didnt think it could possibly be that hard and hopped on...needless to say i had fallen off within 2 minutes of leaving the shop! Not quite sure how it happened, but am lucky my injuries weren't more serious - if the pavement hadn't been so high i'd've been straight through a shop window and probably killed myself!! Can laugh about it now but wasn't funny at the time - split my bigtoe open, lost the nail and a lot of skin from my leg (& a lot of pride!)...not to mention bleeding all over the road, not a good look!! And NOBODY stopped to help me, everyone just walked on past!! Fortunately the girls weren't far behind so picked me up from under the bike and took me home. Am fine though and could've been so much worse, but dont think i'll be getting back on one again in a hurry!!

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