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bamboo rafting

Danielle & me - Day 1 of trek

in back of pickup


elephant riding


hoover like trunks searching for food

jungle village


man working in paddy field


hill tribe



whisky drinking & opium smoking guides!

comfy beds...

1st night camp by the waterfall



being a local washing clothes in the river






crusty traveller








night 2 camp - wooden floor again!




finished - filthy & exhauted!

crazy Thai's - Kam & Ting Tong


another temple - highest point in Thailand

3 days in the jungle! Day 1 started off ok but a bit disorganised - was Danielle & I and another Dutch couple in our group. No one knew what was going on or what we were supposed to be doing (despite being promised an English speaking guide I think we counted he knew 10 words by the end of the 3 days!) All added to the fun though and on the first day we did a bit of bamboo rafting down the river and also an elephant ride! Was a bit scared at first (they are so big!) but soon relaxed and managed to enjoy it and take in the beautiful scenery around me. We were feeding the elephants some bananas but then they get very greedy and just want more and searching for them with their trunks and breathing air out over you, like sneezing...a bit gross really, I had to get away! They have lots of elephant camps in Pai, my next stop so will probably see them again there. Where we rode them was very touristy and I don't think they were treated particularly well so would like to see them again in a more natural & kind environment.

The afternoon was a lot of walking, mainly uphill and across lots of precariously balanced logs over rivers. I think we all fell in at least once so were pretty hot, wet and grumpy by the time we arrived at our first camp. Fortunately it was at a beautiful spot by a waterfall where we could swim, followed by a campfire and beers after dinner- perfect! We slept in these bamboo huts on wooden beds - not the most comfortable but am used to camping outside by now and listening to all the creatures around you - always good when you've had a few beers to help sleep! Couldn't drink more than a couple of mouthfuls of the Thai rice whisky, Moonshine that Kam our guide was drinking...absolutely foul and am sure is 100% alcohol!

The next day the Dutch couple left us as they were on limited time, so the next 2 days was just Danielle & me, a crazy Thai guide with a machete who spoke no English and lots and lots of jungle....was lots of fun though and we enjoyed the trekking, swimming and visiting some local villages & Karen tribes. Was expecting to see more wildlife but I think I've probably been spoilt after the Amazon and know I can't keep comparing everywhere to South America! Did see lots of buffalo and then mainly spiders & big insects (did not like the giant ants which had a feast on me the second night - v v painful!)

Was really good but think am done with jungle trips and trekking for now. Was so relieved to get back to Chiang Mai, have a shower, get clean, eat something that's not rice and sleep in a proper bed - these trips always make you appreciate the small things a lot more!

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