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A bush site - Coonabarabran

What a lump!

Siding Spring Observatory - main telescope

Siding Spring Telescope

Diprotodon bones

Wotta Wombat!

Anyone for lunch?

Sleeping Hippo

Having driven through here after a stopover in Dubbo more times than I care to think of, and having promised myself to either stop or detour through the Warrumbungles one of these days, we decided the time had come - even if it was only a move of some 90K.

Found a delightful, cheap, friendly park just south of town. The response was 'G'day mate, drive down the back, turn right, and pick a spot you like'. We did just that and got a huge space with shade trees - not a 'made' area, just cleared bush. We decided this is the best park we have stayed in so far.

Spent a couple of days looking around the 'bungles - amazing rock formations and lumps just sticking up. Visited Siding Spring observatory, home of the largest telescope in the S Hemisphere - very impressive, as is the interactive display of seismic and actual space hardware.

Another interesting exhibit is in the local Info Centre/museum, which has bones found locally recently of a Diprotodon (giant wombat) found nowhere else. Took a trip to a - very well setup - picnic ground, but had lunch significantly delayed while some emus and kangaroos fossicked next to our table.

We also detoured deliberately some 50K to get a unusual view of the Warrumbungles - a sleeping Hippo!

All in all a very good stop and we were sad to move on - but we will be back - sometime!

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