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As usual it's been busy here at Camp so I've not had much chance to update this. For the 3rd week I worked with Karen again, and the theme for the week was different vacation spots such as Disneyland, Hawaii, the beach etc.

The last weekend trip was to Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park, about 3 hours away. It was quite fun, but a few of us were scaredy cats and don't like the really huge, vertical drop, loopy loop, backwards rides so after the first one, El Toro, we went on to the swings, runaway train etc. Hehe, which was fun! But it was a fun day, and Rebecca and I got Henna tattoos done. Which have unfortunately gone now as we have had to go into the pool twice a day when the campers are here.

The last session was 2 weeks rather than 1, and the theme was Holidays, like Easter, St.Patrick's day, Valentines day etc. And so the second week was mainly devoted to Christmas in July, we were making christmas decorations, practicing Christmas songs and dances for the show that was on the last Friday. I worked with Rebecca(New Zealand) and Ema(Holland) which was fun, we had 4 campers and they were really good. I really felt that I connected well with the campers in these 2 weeks, it was great fun and it felt like the time went a lot quicker. We have one more 1 week session and a 2 week session left and then I'll be going to New York for a couple of days before returning to England!

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