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On Wednesday, the day before we were to fly out at 6:20 a.m. to Guatemala, Sam took issue with some form of bacteria that had lodged in her intestines and began feeling quite ill. My parents dropped us at a lovely HoJo's by the airport to await our flight and by 11:00 p.m., Sam found that she was having trouble keeping food, water and air down. So, I got to reading our ticket conditions and realized that they were non-refundable, and any changes to be made had to be made prior to the date of departure. At 11:50, ten minutes before the tickets would become permanent, I presented Sam with the options that the travel agent on the phone had put forth: a good chunk of money and fly out on the following Tuesday, a few bucks refunded to buy another ticket, or be on the damn flight. A very tough decision indeed, and when confronted with the decision, Sam promptly jumped out of bed, ran to the bathroom and threw up. Her true feelings made perfectly clear, we rescheduled our flight, got ahold of my parents (who were in Detroit and were taking my car to their house in Mason the next day) and accompanied them back to their house for a few additional days of visiting.

So, we've seen a couple of movies, did some good eating (after Sam's stomach got better), and did some cross country skiing and are flying out of Detroit this coming Tuesday.

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