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Well finally I arrived in Nadi, Fiji after a connecting flight via Auckland. The flight was supposed to arrive at 1:40am although didn't even leave until 2am so it was a long night, however by the time I arrived at the airport I was able to jump straight on a local bus right down towards the beach house on the coral coast.

Randomly whilst looking at places to stay on the internet I found the Beach House which sounded nice, then when I clicked on more info it mentioned the resort is where they filmed the 2nd series of Love Island so I thought i should definitely check that out. Then again by pure chnace I was chatting to a girl in my dorm in Queenstown and mentioned I was off to Fiji and she told me I had to check out Beach House ... so it was like it was meant to be!!

Anyway, the place is exactly the same as the TV programme which gave me constant amusement (sad I know) however it was still a really nice back packer place, fairly cheap with really good food. During the day you either sit on the beach or sit on the beach, so when the weather was crappy which did happen to say I was borted was an understatement!!

Anyway on my first day I ended up chatting to Carly and Becca who seemend a good laugh so had dinner with them and a few drinks in the evening, both were amusing and again seemed to think I sounded like Gervais .. can't complain .. so ..

The following day I didn't do anything other than sit on the beach with hammock interludes, although did appreciate afternoon tea at 4pm with complimentary scones .. the last thing I expected in Fiji. That followed by beach volley ball was really boon!!

Anyway I ended up staying at Love island for about 5 days and actually met some really nice people although it did get a bit boring especially as the weather was pretty changeable and did rain most of the time.... then the good people left and my last night definately motivated me to leave th cushy number, I sat down outside after dinner and other people staying there joimned the table and all of a suden I realised there must have been a geeks convention going on .... honestly I'm all about each to there own but jesus these guys where boring, and no I don't read Harry Potter and I don't want to talk about the new book!!

Oh also on the last day I ended up doing the jungle trek which was pretty cool, although converse may have not been the most appropriate footwear .... they were on there last legs as it was with holes, sole hanging off, so after being ankle deep in virtual clay the end was nigh .. I only have flip flops now, so no more jungle trekking for me!

So next up I jump on the local bus, get to the bus stop only to meet the geek convention, but luckily they are travelling on to Suva, me I get off at Pacific Harbour for the Uprising Resort.

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