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The scene each night outside our flat. Full of cars blaring music...

Another one

Town from first station


me at first station

me at another point on first station


the town thr the clouds

me with jacket part zipped

The pen ultimate stop

Hi All,

Hope you well and taking care of yourself and enjoying every moment.

I planned on going up to the through the 4 highest peaks in Merida via the cable car known as the teleferico and then returning to the 3rd highest peak and hike to a town called los nevados.

Good plan but the altitude had something else in mind for me.

The temperature at base was 25·C and 1577m above sea level.

14 minutes later was at 2436m and temperature dropped by 8·C.

Walked around and took some great photos.

Then took next cable car to 3452m. Temperature dropped to 10·C. time for the jacket but unzipped.

Then took next cable car to 4045m and temperature dropped to 2 degrees and raining. we basically passed through the clouds, I got a great pic of the town thro a small hole in the cloud. At this point I started feeling abit sick and light headed with breathing becoming heavy and I can feel my heart beat dropping with stronger pumps.

I headed onto the next car after looking around and 10 minutes later was at 4765m and snowing with temperature at -5·C

The view from the top was obscured by the clouds but it broke for 30 seconds and everyone scampered to get some photos of the highest peak (which we cant get to unless you hike for a day) covered in snow. There were also views of the other smaller peaks in their grandure. I hope I can upload all the pics today.

I was feeling very tired and sleepy and felt like throwing up. I walked around and then slept for 15 minutes and then walked abit more and headed back down.

I met a nice family on school break. The Dad was friendly then the rest of them and I smoke to him with the little spanish I had and he tried to use as much of his English as he could.

I think he was being a Dad to this foreign guy traveling on his own.

Anyway, I came back down and startd to feel better as we got to the 3rd station. When I reached the bottom I was better but still tired so went back to the hotel to seeif they stil had room and slept. I basicaly checked out as I was going to hike to the other town and stay the night there and return with a jeep that travels on cliff hugging roads. five hours to travel like 40 km. The hike would have been 5 hours as well.

It was a good experience but I have to get some altitude tablets in future.

Check ut the pics and keep well.

Tomorrow I head to San Cristobal


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