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Well i have been very poor at updating this so i do have to apologise, we are never still long enough for me to sit down and have the time to write stuff! My parents have ever so nicely been writing little bits and bobs on here as i am so poo!!

I have now tried writing this entry three times but the computer keeps crashing which is infuriating lol. Fourth Time lucky?!

Anyway soooooooo much has happened since i last wrote on here i could seriously be here for days. Queenstown which is the adventure capital of the south island is truly amazing, whatever you want to do you can do it there it is filled with the most adrenalin fuelled stuff you'll ever come across including about four bungy jumps, a canyon swing (insane) sky diving white water rafting skiing, heli skiing, para gliding etc etc you get the point! Needless to say it is also a place where one hell of alot of money can get spent!!! Our group of about 30 had 6 days there where we managed to cram in bungy jumping off a ledge over the city which was ammmaaaaaaaaaaaazing!! A snowboarding lesson which was sooooooooooo much fun!!!!A Sky Dive which was just breath taking! It was such a busy week but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the most amount of fun ever and i managed to cram in a whoollee lota stuff i hadn't done before i turned 22 wooo! The town itself is a little ski town with lotsa adventure places and bars and little cafe's its so pretty and xmasy! We had a few drunken nights out but as there was so much to be doing the money was getting saved for the activities.

As it was peak season in queenstown all the hostels were booked up and we had the choice of staying in a really flea riden horrible little place that had mould ick! Or a nice little cosy hotel with heated need to tell you where we went! Vic Jay and I enjoyed the luxury of this hotel room for three nights and it still on cost us about 15 pounds each- bargain!! We created a ncie little home for ourselves and made some brilliant friends. Ian who dressed up as a plant pot for our facny dress evening we really really got on with and it was not nice saying bye to him again and we still miss him heaps. He is here for several months working and is big into his snowboarding (he's been doing it since he was about 9). However when he returns to his home in the states (washington) we said we'd pay him a visit!! So yeah it was a mad week in queenstown!!

From queenstown we went back up to christchurch for 2 nights as we were going to see the All Blacks play South Africa and it was seriously (once again) bloody good =D. We all got dressed up in the t-shirts and i got myself an all blacks flag, we all got our faces painted up and trottled off to the stadium to see perhaps the best rugby team in the world play. There was a good little group of us id say about 15 in total and all creating an awesome atmosphere and dancing around. The Haka was breathtaking it was one of those things that i said i had always wanted to see and it was not a let down it was one of the best things and made the hairs on your arm stand up it was nothing short of astounding and i managed to get a short recording on my camera which of course will be uploaded when my issues with the internet have subsided grrrrrr. Anyway the all blacks won- of course- and we continued the celebrations back at one of the local sports bars where everone was in merrry happy spirits and the atmosphere was mental! Oooo just as we were walking to the match also we walked past the hotel where the all blacks were staying and we saw them coming out and getting on the bus n there was a big crowd around them. Another little highlight seeing some of the best players in the world pretty much 5 feet in front of you. Another thing that can be ticked off before i turned 22!!

What else could i do one day before i turned 22 that would finish my amazing year of being 21 years old??? Swim with a pod of 300 dolphins which was! 300 is not an exageration if anything it is an underestimation!! The day after the all blacks match (sunday 15th) we went up to a little place called Kaikoura and Jay and i went dolphin swimming although the water was freezing it was mesmorising. We were in the middle of this huuuuugeeee pod of dolphins and they were jumping over us and swimming next to us. At one point i was swimming around in a circle with my snorkel on looking at a dolphin and it started swimming with me for ages it was just....... well words aren't enough really. It eventually got bored of me when its friends came along but again just the best way to spend my last days of being 21. The evening was filled with great big girly chats getting to know everyone more and more,lots of laughs, a fajitas feast and just put me to sleep with a great big smile on my chops.

I woke up on the monday morning- which was my birthday- getting ready to leave Kaikoura for the north island and the capital of wellington. As there was only 10 of us left in the group now we were all getting closer and it was just a really nice mix of people. When i got back from having a shower there was a little bag of goodies left on my bed from Vic and Jay which was sooooooo lovely. I got all packed up and then walked into the kitchen to a bunch of people singing happy birthday and a few hip hips and hurrays lol it was so lovely. Anyway the journey on the ferry up to the north island was about 3 hours but fun all the same we spent the trip sitting in the bar on the boat chatting away and reminising and talking about the stuff to come. When we reached wellington the girlies all got ready while the guys....well fanied about and drank beer!! The girls and i went for a nice girly birthday meal and then returned back to the hostel to meet up with the guys. As i walked into one of the dorm rooms the lights were out and the guys were there with a big chocolate cake with "22" candles on it lit singing happy birthday it was soooooooo lovely of them it really was. They also had bought champagne and we all had a few glasses a few drinking games before going down to the hostel bar.

I dont think anyone was really prepared for what we got when we went to the hostel bar. First the bar man said he would give away free shots if you could beat him at "rock paper scissors" and most of us did beat him easily lol. Then three guys off our Kiwi bus decided it would be a good idea to comepltely strip and run around the bar naked so there they were in the middle of the bar stripping and then running around.....well never leave clothes unattended boys! Several girls did run off with trousers which entertained us for a good fifteen minutes. After that there was an abundance of cheesy music and indie classics which we all decided was perfect for jumping around like idiots to. We moved on to another bar after that but everyone was pretty tippy by that point and we started to fizzle out. Such a good night, such a good birthday and all thanks to the people that were there to make it special for me. Thank you guys!!!

I have just noticed i have no time left on my internet card ahhhhhhhh this is just destined never to be finished but i will return tomorrow and complete it. I am in Auckland now waiting for our little camper van tomorrow. Since Wellington i have been to a little place called Taupo, Rotorua and Waitomo. I have done amazing amazing amazing amazing insane!!!!!! Blackwater rafting which is the best thing ever it is just.....again absolutely no words can describe it. A brief over view- we abseiled into a pitch black small hole which opens up into a pitch black cave. The cave is filled with little glow worms and when you look up to the roof of the cave it is like looking up into a great big sea of stars its just beautiful! After that we waded through water and across a few metal bridges and front first down a slide (all in the dark and all soaking wet and oh yeah in a cave). We then zip lined in the dark from one side of the cave over to another side of course over a big drop of some sort- not that we could see cause it was dark lol. We then had a little snack and a hot drink before launching ourselves- in the dark- off a ledge into the water below onto rubber rings. We then floated through the cave on these rubber rings staring at all the cave worms and just relaxing before hiking for a weee while through the caves falling over and squeezing through the smallest of cracks. After all the hard stuff was done with all that was left was to climb three waterfalls =D. We emerged from a tiny hole with at the top of a small waterfall and it was just one of the best days of my life- loved every nanosecond of it! I've also been to a Maouri cultural night in a maouri village and saw the real haka and got fed like kings! Yesterday we managed to fit in some zorbing also (where you are in a big clear ball and thrown down a hill like a hamster in a wheel)- hilarious!!! I will put pics up as soon as possible then it will all make more sense lol. Il have to write all that up later properly as i have run out of time. Needless to say, and i know i keep saying it, but this place is amazing and il be coming back in a shot!!

Miss you all millions! Ill be back before i know it scary scary stuff!!!


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