Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

Front of the campground-deceiving

Goofy Moose - with flag

and, a Bear - holding flag

Dusty roadways and bare-bones campsites

Typical campsite - no maintenance

L-R:Garbage bins, sewer dump, entrance to open-air kitchen...ugh!

The inside of the "Dining Hall" tent, wood scraps and a scaffold

Built up bird droppings around laundry room door

Would YOU sit in this 'whirlpool'?

We hated to leave Yellowstone National Park! On the way through there to the Grand Tetons we saw another bull elk - this one was sitting in the grass - he still attracted a lot of attention.

Our RV campground looked great from the entrance. However, once we started driving in we were pretty shocked. It has a 3-W rating from Woodall's and we all agreed it was 'about' a 1-W. We have stayed at nicer State and National Parks.

The roads are dirt with some gravel, all cars going by raise dust that coats your RV and car and makes it unpleasant to sit outside. The sites are outlined by logs, some of which are rotting away or have rolled off their anchor making one campsite very large, and the one next to it kind of skinny.

There are large pipes from the sewer dump up to where an RV would hook to it. It looks very unstable, some of them smell as they are not sealed to the dump itself. There is a kitchen offering breakfast. The kitchen is open-air...not even screens. It is right beside the main dump station. On the other side of the main dump station are the garbage bins which in turn back up to a 'dining tent'. No Thank You!

When we got here we went in to Jackson Hole. We found a new camp site by checking with the Chamber of Commerce and Welcome Center. We are moving tomorrow, the 24th. Since it is tourist season most of the parks closer in are full, and we were lucky to find two sites for a couple more days.

Jackson Hole reminds us of a cleaner Key West. More family friendly than Key West. While we were in town Connie and I shopped for a while. She saw a beautiful necklace with a Cardinal on the drop - of course, Ron let her buy it. It really is pretty!

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