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The road to Merida - Amazing tree and telephone line parasites

In Merida - from Bus station

A Park in Merida - note the mountains behind

View of the mountains

Another view

Anyway I arrive at Merida 13 hours later but the view in the morning was amasing. Obviously at night there was nothing you could see except road. As we got close to Merida from 6 am it was alittle bright and we passed small towns. People had already started working around the house, in the garden etc. For the next 3 hours the views were impressive and then we arrive outside MErida and a sign above a tunnel says welcome to Merida. And what does the tunnel go through - a mountain. Haveyou seen Stargate SG1 - you know the entrance to the base, that is what it looked like.

Going through the tunnel I estimate it at about 3km and then we see sunshine again for 2 seconds and head immediately into another tunnel thr a mountain.

The scenery beyond was amasing, raging rivers and mountain ranges and valleys.

Took us about another 1.5 to get to the bus station. The town is so impressive - much better than Caracas. I think it is the best or most beautiful town I have been to yet.

The girls walking to work look absolutely amasing as well ;-)

One thing that amases me is that we headed west from Caracas but when we got to Merida, the sun was in front of us????

Anyway, got to town, checked into hotel, went to get some food and check emails and look at other hotels and see what tours are available. went to all the hotels except two which are not in walking distance and no place available for this week so I am stuck at the place I am at. It is not bad but there is only one bathroom among all the guests. there are some rooms with oen bath and shower but not many.

I have only seen 6 people at the hotel so far so not too bad. see what it is like in the morning.

There were these two French girls at the hotel and introduced myself and on talking found out they arrive yesterday after ..... a 24 hour bus trip- on single bus but it stopped a few times for breaks and meals.

Anyway not much more than that to say but will upload these pics as soon as. I wont worry about the old photos but upload the new ones as I get them. will cost more but in the long run will be better.

Keep well and take care.


PS, I am displaying the latin america Map at the moment so you can see where I am in relative terms. you can switch maps on the home page. below the map you will see names, clicking on the names like venezuela will show you more detail maps.

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