Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

I am a Wallaby...from Australia. Oregon is OK I guess -

Baby Wallaby

Wait, don't go -

Looks like a white kitten

No - it is a white Fox

Napping Red Fox

Molting donkey got between Linda and the bear cub

Bear cub and donkey ear

David got to hold the baby Lynx

The baby Lynx' BIG paw

Linda got to hold the kit (baby red fox)

Cowboy David 'assisted' the handler with the bear cub

The cub loved his bottle


I am a Panther-Pace is what we do.

King of the Beasts - note his little pink tongue

Lion asleep in a kitty cat pose

We invited the Snow Leopard to come home with us -

Cougar - NOT in a good mood

Tiger, fast asleep

The llama smiled at us!

Wooley sheep and a four (4) horned ram

What IS it?

It looks like a slug with wiry hair

Watever they are they have UGLY feet

I have video of this: Bear licked his paws and purred!

Brown bear came to fence to see us

Mr. Elk - up close and personal


Peacock at the Game Park

Mommy peacock and her baby

White peacock

One of the Zebras

The Camel

A molting buffalo-he didn't seem too happy that no one had combed...

Wart hogs, or something - anyway they were U G L Y...

Unknown breed -

Yep, a turkey - at Game Park Safari

Chicken only a mother could love -

One of our ancestors

In a meeting

Too young for a meeting with its elders

Albino baby possum

Cross-eyed rescued possum

de-scented baby skunk

Very Vocal rooster

There are a lot of animal photos, so thought this should have its own entry.

If you love animals, please enjoy these. It really was a wonderful experience!

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