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I am back in San jose - On 1 july I flew into San jose and headed straight to the Nicoya Peninsula to get tot he surf camp.

I decided to spend a few days in the city before heading onwards.

Playa del coco was amasing place. It had brown sand on the beack like the colour of cocoa hence the name. here as well the waves are crzy such that the water looks still and then suddenly after 10 seconds you see s swell close to the beach and a waves develops.

Cost rica environment really is amasing and mind boggling. I was in mal pais and the waves were really nice - when it was not raining, and they behaved like normal waves. the tide changed every 23 hours and 15 minutes and the beach was white and on some parts had tiny pebbles instead of sand. Moving up coast about 400 km, and the waves changed and the sand got alittle darker. The tides changed every 6 hours which is normal.

Then headed about another 200 km north and the waves stayed the same but sand got darker.

The tide also changed every 6 hours. the beach had regulare sand throughout however, during low tide, I walked to a secluded side of the beach which ended in a rock face which you could not pass but at low tide a rocky pathway is reavealed. walked around this cliff face and it lead me to a small beach of white sand about 30 metres and no ways at all - well actually just ripples like a lake. Then around the next cliff face I walked round and it was a 10m beach of rock, a 5m beach of pebbles (like brighton,england) and then a small 1 metre piece of white sand beach. Only this one meter section had waves. I did not want to venture into the water although it looked really good. It all seemed so strange in short areas and no one else was around the area and none of the guide books mentioned this location- I double checked!!! Oh, in the area with the 1m white beach with waves, on the rockcy cliff along this 1 metre space, you had cactus growing.

Looking further down trhere were loads of islands that you can walk to during low tides. at high tide they look unaccessable. I decided to try to get a jetski so I can explore more so I dont get caught when the tide comes in but they were all out - all 60 of them had been rented for the day - were where these 60 adventurous people at night?

Friday night in Playa del coco was unbelivable - not ina good way. It was quiet the one club was almost empty. During the day there were loads of people around so not sure where they all went!!!

This place is quite big popular on the package holidays. I met a few English girls who were on a package tour and they said they were with a whole lot of other british travellers so I gues the package holidays go somewhere else at night.

To be honest I think the crowd on Thursday night was better than the Friday.

Caught a bus this morning to San jose. Most places you dont book a seat on a bus you turn up so I did that- the lonely planet and the local travel guides also say just turn up for the bus no need to prebook. The driver was allowing ticket bookings onto the bus first. I got on and got a seat but he said that ticket holders get preference to seats so did not worry as I had amy seat.

Just before we left a group of passengers with tickets arrived and we had to give up seats. Now, this was the strange thing. it was family who booked a seat for each child and all there children (about 6/7 yearsold) ended up sharing the seats and then there were seats left vacant but they said they might use it and never did. So I, along with a few other travellers, stood on the bus for 4 hours.

Book bus tickets in advance.

Anyway learned how to sleep like a horse. but it was not that bad and did not seem so long.

Before I left Playa del coco, I tried to check my email and the site was down.

So decided that I am heading to a city so should be able to check emails there to get address of hostel. Got to bus station and there is no internet cafe around. ASked around and was told that a short walk away was one. Walked to the place and the places is closed down. asked again and headed to a new place and it is also closed - this 1 pm on a saturday.

Walked further to another one and this was excruciatingly slow.

Got address and hailed taxi on street and was expecting to pay about 2000colones but it was only 1000 colones- 1 pound equals 1000 colones.

Hostel is really dingy looking from outside but inside is the best hostel I have seen.

It has a clean pool, free internet access (really fast but no CD drives or usb ports to hook up camera)-why cant the public one we pay for have such high speed connections. jsut to let you know there are 20 pcs and everyone was online while I was using it. A restaurant onsite with what looks like good food. had lunch here and it was really good. Rooms are clean and they have lockers in the room that can hold both my backpack and daypack. They also have a free shuttle service to/ from airport of bus staion- unfortunately I did not know this before I got here. All this for just 5 pounds equivalent a night.

They say they have orthopedic matresses in all dorm rooms but I had a nap after lunch and dont think so.

Anyway, will get some dinner later and probably go out tonight- it is saturday night of course. Will check tomorrow on a few day tours and flights to venezuala.

I have to get to South america, was supposed to have already been there.

Will let you know how plans develop - take care and make each day count.


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