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The hidden cove no one seems to know about

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The hidden beaches

This is the 1 mtre white sand beach inbetween the rocks beachs

"art" by kids - these girls looked like 6 years old

And the other one

Hi Guys,

YEsterday morning headed to playa del coco alittle furter north on the west coast of peninsula. arrived in low season and looked for hostel. all are full - how strange. so found an expensive place round the corner from beach. well after the isolation and the "camping" it is good to indulge in alittle luxury.

Abit lonely as in expensive hotels people stick to themselves and it seems more like families here. in hostels you always meet people and usually ther is someone going to do the same thing you are and you have a friend for the day.

Anyway, after checking in went for walk on beach and around town. then gowt some lunch a nice fish and chips at a sports bar- good quality one not like in the corner shop back home. grilled fish and the chips were great. came with nice salad and a drink all for 5 pounds- uk equivalent.

went back to hotel for a small nap and then headed out at about 11. basically could hear music and followed the sound to the only bar with people.

was really quiet in the and then stayed for a short while and headed off.

Maybe tonight is more lively.

Woke up this morning and put my swim trunks on, sun cream etc and headed out. was quite bright so looking for sun glasses. - usually use glasses which tint in bright light but got contacts on. did not find any decent ones so went for breakfast. come out and it is pouring so found a close internet cafe and update my travel log.

Lets whats the weather like when I finish - I need to make the sun screen work...

Take care


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