Aumen's Adventure 2007 travel blog

Me on the quad biike crossing one of the many rivers

Looking for crocs

on the road to Montezuma

Hi All,

Que tal? (Whats up)

I am still in Costa Rica. Place I was at did not have travel agents so instead of going to san jose went to another coastal town - montezuma.

This town is more populated than the last place we were at but the town exiosted at a t junction. 100 metres either side of the t junction is nothing but wild life . mmm

Am staying at a beautiful lodge build into the rock face and so well that from the road it is barely noticeable. when you insde the hotel area it is so peacefull and quiet excet for the monkeys - these tiny monkeys make noise louder than a gorilla. amasing. they only growl when they hear the motor bikes go past. I think they think it is coming to invade and when they leave the monkeys think they chased them away. However, when the trucks "air brakes" down the hill they are abolutely quiet.

Shared a dorm room with 5 girls. lucky me!!!

They were nice girls of varying ages and countries.

Met some guys who were going to head to

Playa Tamrindo on the other side of the peninsula and further north. Hitched a ride with them.

Oh, you remember the last place I told you about - we were planning on taking the quad bikes and go out for the night...

Well it was the place to be as all the other places were closed but it was croweded for Mal pais. must of been about 50 people - more girls than guys.

My friend was a bit drunk and while we were there he said oh there is william wallace. did not pay attention to what he said. next day we were talking an he said there was this guy who had two people next to him not drinking - body guards. Spoke to camp owner and he said that yes mell gibson own property in the area and is in town. That helicopter where heard flying around is his.

Long story short, I was at a star studed party in the middle of no were.

Oh by the way Giselle own property here as well.

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