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A big pile of rocks

I took a day trip out to Bath which is a beautiful place, quite well to do and old (of course.. everything is old here)

I wandered the narrow little streets poking my nose into my last cathedral and saw Sally Lunns original bakery. I didn't partake in a cuppa and a bun as one has to book weeks in advance but there was no dearht of food shops. Sweets and chocolate shops were plenty too.

It certainly is a picturesque place built on a river with rows upon rows of fine terrace houses.

I took a bus out to Stonehenge, not becuase I particularly wanted to see another pile of old stone, but more because I was so close to one of the Wonders of the World that I felt obliged to get on the tourist trail and part with some more money and help keep the tourist industry alive.

As I expected it was just like all the pictures I had seen except there were hundreds of tourists walking around with hand held audio tour machines. So I took one as well and followed the path way dutifully stopping at the numbers and pressing the required buttons at the prescribed time.

I didn't learn anything I hadn't heard before... no-one really knows why the stones are there. There ar ropes around the stones so I couldn't get up close enough to try and get swallowed up into another time and place.

It was quite cold and blustery so I headed off to get coffee instead of doing the last few marker posts. This confirmed that I am definitely ready to go home becuase I am having trouble even pretending that a pile of old rocks is interesting.

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