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Well we have been in New Zealand now a little over a week and have only been on the kiwi experience bus a week and a day but omg we have crammed in the most amount of stuff in that time it feels like we've been here months!!

I arrived into Christchurch on Thursday 28th and met Jay at the hostel where we had a bit of a catch up as we hadn't seen each other for about 2 months! Christchurch was a lovely little town but soooooooooooooooo quiet!! Its how picture prague all snowy and pretty. As i'd been up since about 4 and had about 4 hours sleep it was a very quiet night and i retreated to my little abode! Vic joined us the next day and we had a wander around the "city" just waiting for Kiwi to start on the Sunday.

As soon as Sunday arrived it was bye bye sleep & bye bye money!! We joined out Kiwi experience bus which is basically a bus full of backpackers and the drivers get you from a to b, sort out accommodation and activities for you and make the trip sooooooo much fun! We went on a random little walk in the pouring down rain to a little secluded waterfall. We all thought it would be a nice little track all paved and a nice stroll but it was a make shift track climbing over trees which had fallen over the side of banks/cliffs (not huge cliffs parents no worries!). And sliding along the mud for a wee while. It was a nice little welcome onto the trip I have to say!!

We met up with a bigger kiwi experience bus and met them later on in the day so now there were 50 of us cheap-ass backpackers on one bus =D. A few hours later we were all jet boating along this really eery river getting soaked and loving every second of it!! The first night we all had a free bbq courtesy of our amazing bus driver which was soooooooooo nice!!Had a few drinks in the local pub and a chat with people on our bus. Next morning we had to be up again at silly o'clock to get everything we needed to do crammed into one day. A few scenic stops later we were all dropped at a big supermarket and given an hour to find a fancy dress costume for the night- the theme- anything but clothes and use clingfilm and tin foil! Well i think we wiped out the towns supply of tin foil and confused a lot of locals in the process!! That night we went to this random little pub place that Kiwi has been going to for 15 years for a fancy dress do. It was again hilarious as 50 or so backpackers were crammed into rooms surrounded by tin foil and cling film and toilet paper. Some of the end products tho' were so good! Ian dressed up as a plant pot and quie rightly won best costume and got himself a free bungee package! It was a brilliant night with everyone very drunk and looking very special!

Again the next day we had to be up at silly o clock to get ourselves to Franz Joseph. This is a little town which has pretty much been built around the glacier and its entire income involves trips up to the glacier! We arrived there mid morning and got settled and had a good 3 hours to chill out and cook food and some people took a turn in the sauna mmmmmm. Vic, Jay and I booked some tickets to go see the All Blacks with some guys on the kiwi bus on July 14th- nice little birthday weekend for little Foy! The rest of the night everyone pretty much collapsed in the tv room as we had the big glacier climb the next day which was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! The 8-hour hike up the glacier was soooo tiring but it was worth every second. It was the best thing and you get such a sense of achievement when you've completed it. Had a couple of falls, funnily enough, not on ice but mud, which had Vic and I in hysterics just because, well we're special and it doesn't take much to amuse us! Was just a brilliant day and it was beautiful! Treated ourselves to fish and chips on the night instead of cooking and sat by the fire for a wee while chatting away.

Once again up at silly o'clock to get on the bus to Lake Wanaka which is soooooo pretty! Its a little ski town- not as big and lively as Queenstown but still amazing! In typical Kiwi bus fashion we only had one night here to explore the town which we did although it was below zero and bitterly cold!! Then for some insane reason vic and I volunteered to cook dinner for the guys and the group went from 3 to 7 in a matter of minutes so there vic and I were in the kitchen cooking for 7 people (mum's good old spag bol went down a treat =D). We spend the night either eating or huddled by the fire was just lovely =D.

Another early morning and another cancelled sky dive (having tried the day before to get up in Wanaka and the day before that in Franz Joseph). We finally made our way onto Queenstown- the party capital and adventure capital of New Zealand and quite honestly that deserves an entirely separate entry!!

Im still in Queenstown currently and it's amazing- one bungee later and hopefully, a sky dive and some snow boarding left to do =D. Yey!

Love you all


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