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The isolated beach. This is at low tide

On the road close to the surf camp - trying to imitate...

On the dirt road

At the edge - scary just behind me is where where surf...

Hi All,

Have been out of civilisation since 1 july.

No mobile phone, no internet, no hotel , no back wall to the shower - well back wall of shower is the view of the ocean.

I did have a bit of trouble getting here as it is so far from the city and with no mobile, the surf camp moving to new premises and the owner missing a digit on the new number and the old number not being redirected... was exciting though.

Anyway, first day I got in the water with the other two guys from camp and tried to get on the surf board and failed miserably. Did lie on the board but it did nothing.

Anyway, next day had first lesson and used a massive board -* for beginners. Can hardly get it under my arms. My intructor carries the board for me - feel funny about it. he is ok with it as he says his arms are longer and if it is tucked under arms and held with palm of hands it does not weigh as much as me using muscle power to carry.

I think he carries it beacuse I slow them down on the 10 minute walk to surf beach - if I carry board takes us 15 min.

Ayway, after first lesson got on the baord towards to the end of lesson twice so that was good. went out again in the afternoon and morning to practice.

For second lesson used a slightly smaller board and could just about get it under arm properly- it is an incentive to learn quicker so I can go to smaller boards.

Anyway, with new board I battled to catch a wave but then I got used to it and caught some really good waves and styed on the board for a while. I can stay longer on the board but I tend to stand to far back and thus the board cant use the full force of the wave and go further.

Anyway, after 3 lessons, I need a break as muscles were sore, body injured with being hit by board a few times.

one the guys finished his course and went home so the other guy and I rented quad bikes today and headed up north to a river to see if we can find crocodiles.

Failing that headed south and around coast - beatiful;l views, and then headed up to one of the main tourist towns on east coast (we are on the pacific coast of costa rica)and then will head back across peninsula to were we started.

Quad bikes are amasing, never riden one before and was abit apprehensive and then got the hang and was flying.

Tonight we keep the quads and go to a club in a town closeby. It is friday night and we are bored out of mind due to the isolation - it has only been 4 days.

have two more lessons on sat and sun - hopefully get to use a smaller board.

Mon morn, head to san jose to see what I can get in way of tickets either to venzuela or maybe back to guatemala???

Take care and lots of love

The one and only


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