Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

Here we are - at the Monaco Plant, Harrisburg, Oregon

Looking for a BBQ Restaurant-GPS (Biddie) kept saying 'Arriving at destination'

Biddie kepttelling us, 'Arriving at destion, on left'

Leaving the dead end road-Wild turkey and babies

The following day, we went exploring - we love the mountains

Hard by the road - Sunshine on a cloudy day!

Matt and Don working on the bedroom slide-out

Matt describing the flavor of a Jelly Belly

Sunset from our rig at 'Camp Monaco'

Junkyard Dogs

David ordering from the little girl who took orders and hollered them...

Linda with her 1/2 lb chili hot dog

On the way back to our rig, a field of Lavender and...

Our new buddy from Canada, Tyler

Miss Josie, the bulldog

View of the mountains from our rig

Mow, thrash for grass seed, then bale for hay

Another day - another exploring trip

Tyler, Tyler and Bonnie

Loretta Birky, Prop., Country Bakery

Everyone welcome to come sit a spell at the bakery

We found a Big lake with lots of summertime activity

Covered Bridge

From the inside of the covered bridge

A lived in cabin by the main road

This sign was across from the cabin - 'Snow Zone'

OK, Enough Already! - 'Chain Up Area Ahead'


If you looked at the pictures of the damage from the tree we rolled in to, then you know why we are now at the Monaco Plant for repairs.

Connie and Ron stayed with us to make sure everything went smoothly and that Monaco 'took us in'. The four of us have talked about some of our best times on this trip, have been times we didn't plan! For example, we decided we wanted Bar-B-Que for dinner. Ron and David both put that in their GPS' (Biddies), and off we went. We twisted and turned - also backtracked. However, finally, Biddy (both) told us, "Arriving at destination on your left." To know why we just absolutely laughed until we cried, look at the pictures! The Bar-B-Que place was non-existant.

However, if we had not taken the 40 mile trip, we wouldn't have seen wild turkey or the alpacas! The 40 mile trip would have been a 6 to 7 mile one if we had just eaten in town! We had good food in Harrisburg, and it was close to the Monaco plant.

At the restaurant we learned that "Jo-Jo"s were wide steak fries. The restaurant was made up in a cowboy theme. For dinner, Connie ate "Road Kill" and David had "6 point buck burger". They both said their dinner was good. They are both still with us, so guess it didn't poison them -

The next day, Ron and Connie decided to go on with their part of the trip while we were at Camp Monaco. They went all the way to Seattle, WA. I'll get some pictures from them and enter them here.

We were introduced to our 'service writer', Don. He sat down and talked with us, wrote everything down we wanted fixed under the accident, and everything fixed under warranty. That was pretty much the last we saw of him...which turned out OK.

The following morning, Matt, our service technician, came at 7:30 AM to drive our rig into the repair plant. We really liked him and he explained things to us. We were able to stay in our rig, with Tyler and Bonnie, while repairs were being done. It certainly made it a lot easier on all four of us! David made phone calls, watched the repairs, and napped. Bonnie and Tyler liked the service techs - Matt was joined by Don - and they were both good to the dogs. I worked on this journal. It really puts you behind when you cannot get internet, even with an air card! The techs were also very nice about my picture-taking.

David and I took off and went exploring - the town and countryside. We found a very unique place for lunch. It is called "Junkyard Dog" and serving 1/2 lb hot dogs with all the fixings. We had hot dogs for lunch one day, and another day had their chips and salsa.

The countryside around the Monaco plant and the small town of Harrisburg is so beautiful. Very much a farm community with land, and a lot of it, surrounding even the smallest home. Another unique thing was there were flowers everywhere. From the very nice homes to the single-wide trailers had lush landscaping and flowers. The people were all laid back and friendly. We really liked the atmosphere around Harrisburg!

There was a young boy, Tyler, traveling with his grandmother there at the Monaco plant. They were from Red Deer, Canada. She was there having warranty work done on her motorhome. Tyler was a skateboarder and loved showing us his new 'tricks' He is eleven; however, talking with him you would think he was 19 or 20. Very well spoken, very polite. We really had a lot of fun visiting with him and his grandmother.

One of the couples there had a Bulldog named Josie. What a sweet dog! We sent Kyle a picture of Josie and he wanted us to bring her home with us - for him. She really was a sweetheart. Bonnie and I took Josie some pink earrings like Bonnie's and Josie looked so adorable in them!

We watched the people mow, thrash and bale the field next to the campground. They mowed it, then thrashed it for grass seed and then baled it for hay. Bonnie and I had upset sinuses but it was worth it to witness all that.

One day we found a Menonite Bakery. She opened up only on Friday and Saturday. Her garage had been converted to a bakery, sales display and a 'visiting room' - as in, "Come in and sit a spell." Wonderful fresh baked bread, pastries, cookies - David was in seventh heaven, especially when he took his cookies and went out front to the swing in the yard to eat his cookie and contemplate the meadows and mountains and the baker's rose garden.

On our 'exploration' of the countryside, we found covered bridges. It was special since we just happened on them, and drove across them to see what was on the other side.

During the same trip we found a large lake with all sorts of summer-time activity. The major difference in that lake and Lake Maitland in Florida - snow covered mountains.

At Camp Monaco there were different activities and seminars. I took a craft class and made a bracelet using coral Swarovski crystals. I like it and wear it a lot. We left before the daisy chain bracelet class, but maybe I will find another one of the classes at one of the Rallys.

One of our 'exploring' trips turned out to be really fascinating. We 'discovered' Clear Lake, The Lake Born of Fire. About 1,000 B.C., Sand Mountain erupted and lava flowed toward the McKenzie River, burning the forest as it moved. When the lava reached the river and hit the cold water, it stopped. The McKenzie River backed up behind the wall of lava, forming Clear Lake. An interesting fact is the forest that had been on the river banks was submerged under 120 feet of water. Remnants of the trees still stand, preserved in the depths of the near-freezing lake. When we got on the road we found, on both sides, lava rock. David picked up one for me and one for Connie. It is not very heavy and is pourous.

Our exploring trips took us over the Oregon Trail, which was marked by road signs. We stopped at a small store to get something to drink and Discovered...Romano's Italian Soda. I contacted them and learned they started supplying the soda to Florida in May, so I will look for it when we get back home. It really is good! Italian Soda is very popular here, but it is usually made by the restaurant. I like the bottled soda.

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