Field School in East-Central Europe 2007 travel blog

Leaving Mostar and heading to Ulcinj.

View of the Adriatic Sea from a cafe, Ulcinj.

countryside, Albania.

Montenegro, Black Mountain, was a very relaxing part of the trip that involved many trips to the beach. Ulcinj is a city that lies on the Adriatic Sea and the dark sand beaches are lined with white-washed buildings, shops and mosques. Although the weather on this leg of our trip wasn't as nice as we had been having, Ulcinj impressed us all with it's small-town feel and gorgeous scenery. We also managed to take a day trip to Albania which included a 4 hour hold up at the border and a beach stop complete with cows and garbage dump, but nonetheless it was an optional trip that I am glad I made the decision to take. Albania has only just recently become part of the European Union and is undergoing many changes that will hopefully improve some conditions within the country. The ride from Albania back to Ulcinj was very calming for me and I enjoyed watching the simplistic lifestyles of the people who lived in the area. Children were playing in the fields with their dogs, old men sat and watched their sheep graze while their wives hung out the laundry and milked the cows. Everyone seemed happy and it made me miss the days where there was no cellphones, internet or playstations to occupy hours and hours of our day. Montenegro is an interesting place and I was suprised to learn that this small strip of Medeterranean coast was able to maintain its independence while many other areas of former Yugoslavia were occupied and controlled by Serbian forces. Ulcinj is also known to have been a favorite spot for pirates and was also a centre for the North African slave trade.

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