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La Grange, CA - established 1848


Old jail, 1856

Inside the jail - notice the chamber pot

Museum-was an Adobe building-the old Trading Post

Built prior to 1850 for a post office and to water horses

Bucket from one of the world's largest dredges

Just outside LaGrange we found Donkeys

Pat me, please

Sweet babies

Getting ready to llama spit


Baby buffalo nursing

Longhorn steers

a Brahma and a baby Longhorn

A white longhorn

Big ol' buffalo

Longhorns, buffalo and mud hole

That's MR Brahama to you

Looks like a big pig - It's a cow

Longhorn calf

Getting ready to nurse

We headed to Merced, CA to a WalMart to pick up our drug refills.

On the way we went through La Grange, CA, the great little 'olde' town!.. Fascinating and fun to explore. It also deserves an Entry as we not only discovered this very interesting town - we ALSO stumbled on the BUFFALO RANCH.

Just look at the pictures!

While we were taking the pictures, another car had stopped and they were doing the same. Finally, they asked us, "Don't you have cows in Florida?" - that was while we were photographing the baby Longhorn and the big ones too, the piggy looking-cow and the Brahamas - I told them we did, but not hard by the road like this with them all mingling together...and, we are tourists and that's what tourists do.

La Grange, CA was established in 1848. Current Population: 250. Elevation: 250. The whole town should have its own historical marker!

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