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Overnight, the winds blew and the sea was quite rough for our crossing on Monday. Moving around on the ferry was a challenge -- I had to dash from pillar to pillar during a roll one direction, then wait for the opposite roll of the boat to launch myself to the next solid object to grab hold of along the way. And this was after the captain announced that the stabilizers had been put down for the crossing.

On the outside decks, I watched some teenaged boys have a great time running one way and then the other while the wind and waves pushed them around. I just anchored myself to one spot that was protected from the wind!

We spent almost an hour in our cars below decks after we docked at Fishguard. There must have been a problem getting the doors opened to let the cars disembark. But we eventually made it off the ferry and onto solid ground -- soggy solid ground, because it has been raining in Britain for weeks, causing flooding in the north.

Abergavenny was wet but not flooded...and we spent a snug evening at the Angel Hotel in town.

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