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The family starting out on the trip.

Clifford in the van.

Bert. The best place for him is in the sink.

Blue Ridge Mountains.

Eric at the state capital of West Virgina in Charleston with the...

Appalachian Mountain house.

On the Road!!!

Today we finished cleaning the apartment and did our walk through around 8:30am. We were on the road at 9:05am heading to Lexington, KY.

This is the longest leg of our trip as Lexington is around 500 miles away. After some minor adjustments along the first 50 miles (no, a box full of stuff should not be left unsecured on top of the cabinets) we fell into a routine. Newton slept on Shelly's lap (much to her displeasure), Lily claimed the back bench, Clifford was in his cage ½ of the time and JoJo alternated between sitting with his nose between us and laying of the floor, trying to get as close to us as possible. At the rest areas or gas stations, we would take JoJo out and then Newton & Lily. At some point, Clifford was let out of his cage and he traded between sleeping in two very nice hiding spots. Bert, although the quietest of the bunch seemed to get the brunt of todays damage. This being in the form of a small dog who decided to munch on his leaves (yes this dog was Newton) but after an adjustment in location is recovery nicely.

We passed some of the time by listening to "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" on CD. One of the only books we can agree on.

The first test of the Soylent was going over the Blue Ridge Mountains. She did well even though there were some points where we were only going 40 mph. However, we did not have a problem with traffic and nobody honked at us. Next, the Appalachian Mountains. This was harder for her as there were many more twists & turns, and it seemed we went up much more then we went down the mountains. I'm sure this was not fact but it seemed to be.

At the beginning of West Virginia we were just a couple of minutes behind what looked like a bad motorcycle accident. A man was off his bike, he was bleeding in the right hand lane and about 150 feet ahead of him, his bike was off the road. He was wearing leathers and what looked to be a very good helmet. Already about 4 or 5 cars had stopped to help him out by blocking him with their cars, directing traffic away from him and comforting him (also advising him not to move). There was an exit immediately after where we made sure help had been called. Indeed it had, as it appeared all the emergency crews from the whole county were on the way. Keep him in your thoughts. It is good to know there are nice people out there willing to do the right thing.

Charleston, West Virginia was on the way and we went by to see the state capital and get a few pictures. It's a beautiful capital situated in the mountains with a river running up to it. I didn't realize what beautiful country side WV had until today.

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