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It's hard to explain this last week. Charlotte, Ashleigh and I decorated our cabin with a jungle theme on Sunday morning, then the campers arrived in the afternoon, we had their name tags ready and took them to the cabin with all their luggage. We spent the afternoon in the pool and getting the campers settled in.

I was a 'floater' which means that although I worked in Cabin 4 I slept in 3 and could be asked to help any other cabin at any point.

We had 5 women, the youngest about 21. 4 of them were fairly easy to care for, but one was very difficult and she ended up being sent home on the Monday afternoon. Which was probably for the best.

The theme of the week was Red Carpet week so every day was themed around this, there was a Pirates of the Caribbean day, a Comedy day, we had an Oscars night which was a talent show, but with pretend Oscars to give the best camper from each cabin. It was a lot of fun, but very hard work, and at the time we kept complaining of how hard it was!

I will admit, I was grateful when they had all left on the Friday night. Vicki, the camp directors mother invited us all round to hers for a house party, so several of us went and a few stayed over who didn't want to get a taxi back to the camp. It was a really fun night. On Saturday Cassie, an American member of staff who is the lifeguard took Karen, Andrea and I shopping to Cumberland mall, as we didn't want to be on the camp grounds!

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