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Today we journeyed about three hours from Sacramento to the Big Trees State Park to walk among the sequoias. This grove is one of three types of big trees remaining in the world; the redwoods on the coast of California, these sequoias, and a third in China.

Our walk today took us among the tall sugar pines, sequoias and other large trees in the area. It is hard to imagine the size of these trees until you are standing right up next to them; or in our case, underneath them. Also displayed in the forest was the unknowing damage done to the trees early in the century. One tree was cut down and shipped in pieces back to the East to demonstrate the size of the trees. Fortunately, this led to the outcry that has led to their protection in National Forests. We saw one stump remaining which was used for a bowling alley and a dance floor.

We also saw the remainder of trees that had fallen in the forest. We were not aware how shallow the root systems of these trees. The roots apparently can spread over an acre of land but do not extend very deep into the soil. Once the trees have fallen, they also do not decay very quickly and trees that have fallen over a century ago still lay on the ground.

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