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Today is a hard day for me.

(I know most of you wont read this till monday as it is now after hours on a Frday)

I have been making jokes about not watching tv for the last two months except for the odd football game or 1 movie at a cinema.

Today I accidentally watched CNN.

Anyway, I was out late last night and then got home and dont remember going to sleep or lying down. I did not even take my contact lenses out. woke up in the middle of the night and see that I am half dressed and half under the blankets.

Change, remove contact lenses and get under the covers.

Wake up again to lots of noise and wonder why are these people making so much noise in the morning. look at the watch and it is 10am. Remember, the hotel I moved to has no windows to the outside so it is really dark- which is good and bad.

Anyway, breakfast last sitting is at 10:30 so hurriedly washed and changed and headed down.

There where loads of people queueing for the atm outside the breakfast area which looks onto the street so I went inside to sit in the lounge. I was the only person so I grabbed hold of the Remote and do what us men do best - channel surf.

CNN headline news flashed for like a second and I got two peices of big news. The image was of Gordon Brown and had heading under his name.

1. The _Heading said Gordon brown, prime minister, Great britain

2. I heard a few words of bomb found in car in ctral london.

Whoa!!! go back- as with CNN, news is repeated every scond so I had another second to relive the moment.

Yes, Listening further, Gordon is now recently the prime minister and a bomb was found in car outside tiger tiger club and another two suspect cars found. I sometimes go to Tiger tiger and the other club I go to regularly is close to it in piccadilly.

This 2 seconds of news really left me asking questions and questioning my trip and my life. The world is still moving on and now on my trip, I am oblivious to most things happening outside where I am. Growing up I decided to put my life on hold and work on my career and now I am doing the opposite. It certainly has brought up lots of questions and things I need to work through and I guess that things do happen for a reason. I am reminded of a saying I once read, when something happens, good or bad, consider what it means.

This whole thing reminds me of this documentary that I watched about a year after 9-11 and it was about this group of people who went on a trip to work on a boat and get a holiday around the world. They were in the middle of the pacific when their Captain tells them "Right now we are probabaly on the safest place on earth..." and goes on to tell them what little he has heard. I rememeber at the time thinking what it will be like to here news like that and not know much details. i guess I got a small tast of it. It is really overwhelming. I know it is not the same scale as no one has been injured and I saw visually what was going on so know that it is not really as bad as it sounds. I have seen and experienced two other major incidents so know what the news coverage is like.

I think that although CNN is good, it really gets people anxious and seeing something over and over is not good for the health. I can now only imagine what it was like for alot of the Americans who basically watched news all day long and saw the same destructive image which is probably burned into everyones mind. I know the image is the same for me and many other londoners as london had the same news cycle and a few channels broke normal broadcast to cover it.

Anyway, I am now just updating my site and in the last hour was on the news websites trying to read what is happening and try to catchup. I went onto the metro (London news website)and see that the only major news is the bomb scare and the rest of the news is about celebrities. I guess not much changed in the UK news system.

Tried searching related topics on the bombings and the image of gordan brown and did not find much else. However, when looking at some of the celeb stories I see loads of links to news not worthy of really being read.

Anyway, need to trying to get those photos uploaded - still waiting....

Got to go get some food and then get ready for dinner tonight. life goes on....although those thoughts are still at the back of my head.

Take care and stay safe.


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