Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

Old Bridge we had to go over to go to Mineral King...

Bridge built in 1923-Kaweah is also name of our campground in 3...

David and Linda-river rapids behind us

David, if you fall..........

Another pic taken by Dave-the-Dare- Devil

A wooden flume-goes all the way down the mountain

Looking down on the flume

Another view of the log flume

Connie, Linda and Ron on the old bridge

River that runs under the old bridge

Unusual spillway

The river at the spillway-David said the water tasted Great

Tex and Tex - 'Now, if we head that-a way...'


David took a picture of 'Connie Scared'

Part of the winding road

Don't worry, Connie - it only LOOKS like a road to nowhere

Active BEAR Territory

Silver City Resort where we ate lunch

View from the porch of the restaurant

Ron and the old gas pump

Yellow Bellied Marmot

Info on the Marmots

The Wilds of California

Wild and Beautiful


The 3 jokers I travel with say that is SNOW on that...

Getting closer to the SNOW CAP


Top of Mineral King Mountain


Deer feeding beside road as we went down the mountain

Look - here's the top of the wooden flume

I didn't know pink flamingos migrated to the mountains -

The Mineral King Mountain was also so beautiful, I have given it a separate page for photos.

Also: Yes, the Marmots ARE real!

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