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Ilha Grande





ring of fire..

Scott, me, Bryan & Rosie

more drinking ganes - Johnny, Oran, Barry & Emily

shotgun Noel





snorkelling the Blue Lagoon

shop in a canoe



little girl rowing on a surfboard

sunbathing under the palm trees - me, Emily & Ria



Keira & Elaine - Lopes Mendez beach

swimming in the huge waves


Rosie buried in the sand



boat on a pulley!




floating restaurant

passed out

Oran & Steve

Spent a couple of crazy days in Rio with Rowena and Leanne and lots of new friends and realised my bank balance and liver would not survive if I stayed here the whole 10days left of my I decided to go to Ilha Grande, a beach resort & island 3 hours south of Rio to "get away from it all" for a couple of days. Unfortunately that is not how it turned out at all! Met 4 Irish guys on the bus there, followed by a few more at the hostel and the next 4 days were basically carnage! All I can say is that the Irish can drink and I could not keep up - they are crazy!...not really sure how it happened as everyone there was there to get away from Rio for a rest and some beach time...but we had so much fun, met some great people and was probably some of the best days in SA for me...

The weather was great for a couple of days so we all went on a boat trip around the island for lots of swimming, deserted beaches and snorkelling. Also went to Lopez Mendes a surf beach which was stunning and huge big waves to swim in - just a shame about the grey clouds that spoilt it a little bit but at least it didn`t rain as we were stuck there for 4 hours before we got picked up by our boatman...although we did find a very cool little floating bar on the other side of the island to pass the time in once we`d got bored of the beach...You had to either swim out to it or get pullied in on a little boat from the shore - very cool!

So after a few days of drinking games, too many caipirinha`s and a dreadful hangover I went back to Rio with Ria & Steve for last few days there before I leave SA :o(

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