Our Travels West, Summer 2007 - David and Linda Young travel blog

Entrance to the Park

One of the scenes that took our breath away

Sign posted at the rest area on way up the mountain

Beware sign was opposite of Hospital Rock-this is detail of the writings...

One exception-Linda taking pic of David on Hosp Rock-photo by Connie

Clouds lowering over the mountains

Fallen Giant Sequoia - root system

Self Explanatory

Clouds settling over the trees


Top of the Giant tree

David and Ron and the Giant Tree

Linda and Connie dwarfed by the Giant Tree

Ron with the group of hollow Giant Sequoias

The philosopher meditating behind the hollow trees

Connie and General Sherman

David drove our Jeep right through that fallen Sequoia tunnel

Another fallen log - used as a 'driveway'

Log that was used as a 'driveway'

Another Warning - !

The Giant Sequois' tiny pinecones

The Giant Sequoia Park was so beautiful! This is a separate entry for the photos we took of the Giants.

In the pictures, if David is out on a ledge it is just another case of him being a kid again - He had to climb rocks, he had to walk down boulders, he had to walk out to the edge, etc. I refused to look - Connie would take his picture.

The group of the hollow Sequoias was fascinating. Ron, then David, banged flat-handed on the trees, declaring them 'hollow' - Boom, boom, boom -

When David walked through the trunk he found the philosopher on the other side. The boy did not break his meditation stance... (Reminds us of my cousin, Glenn.)

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