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Friday, Saturday, Sunday, June, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 2007

It appears we have 8 of these entries so we'll try to update every 4-5 days.

Larry had a great time in Tahoe with Michael. They had a chance to take the boat out on Lake Tahoe and take the jeep out for some 4Wheeling. It turned out to be a great weekend with lots' of adventure. It's always a tuff to choose from boating, offroading, and nascar races, but somebody has to do it.

The Nascar races were filled with lot's of fun and excitement. Liz came up for the weekend, and joined the fun with our Huntington Beach group from The Pen, Jim, Regina, Brian, Dennis, Dan, Marty, Marty the One Man Party and rookies Jimbo and Carolyn. It was party central, telling lies and dirty jokes, non stop fun and not a lot of sleeping going on.

The typical things you'd expect at Nascar with lots of pre race entertainment. The highlight was an Air Show put on by the American Patriots Jet Acrobatic Team. They put on a air show like the Blue angels or Thunderbirds. Followed by the the opening ceremonies, driver introductions, national anthem and flybys of the American Patriots F-16's, A Coast Guard C-130 and the Army Helicopters. The race was wild to the finish, and after the race you could go out and walk the track looking for gold plated lug nuts, which could be redeemed for $500.00 gift certificates at Home Depot etc.

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Larry left from Lake Tahoe and I headed out from Sonoma to meet at the junction of I-80 and I-5 to head north together. As I was leaving Sonoma in the RV I notice an unusual vibration and loud humming noise. It didn't seem to be the engine with the exhaust manifold leak or the new transmission. It turned out to be in the drive shaft and U-Joints, and failure was lurking right around the corner. I'm glad we made it to Redding, Ca.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, June 26th, 27th, 28th, 2007

So for the last 3 days we've been just hanging out in Redding at All Wheel Alignment and Brake. Rob and Mark are taking great care of us. When we pulled up they immediately provided us with power and cable hook-ups and the combination to the gate lock so we could have access after hours.

Mark has been dealing with the exhaust manifold leaks. The left one came off in two pieces had to be replaced while the right one only had a broken manifold bolt and had to be resurfaced. We weren't so lucky with the drive shaft and u-joints. There was a big ding in the drive shaft which caused it to be out of balance and caused one of the U-Bolts in the U-Joints to be sheared off and worked the others loose. It wasn't pretty and had to be sent out to be repaired. A new yoke, u-joints and the damaged drive shaft should be finished tomorrow. As of yet our Alaskan Adventure hasn't been so adventurous. Soon, we'll be back on our way looking for adventure.

Wish you were hear, Charles and Larry,

P.S. Lonnie and Rose you still have time to catch up with us....

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