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On Thursday June 14, we drove down to Lexington and stayed at the Kentucky Horse Park. This gave us an opportunity to visit with Gail's brother Wally, his wife Karen and their three children.

We forgot to document that on last Saturday Tom found a poor connection to the motor of the washer/dryer. It turns out that that was the problem for quite a while, because it gave intermittent signals to the control board. So the machine is working again. Hooray now Gail can get back to her laundry hobby.

On Saturday morning we drove east toward Hurricane, WV about 30 miles west of Charleston. Gail's sister Debbie and her husband Dave live Hurricane. They had suggested that we just park the motor-home in front of their house for a visit.

We tried to negotiate the turns in their neighborhood, but the streets were too narrow for us. In fact we had to disconnect the car and drive it separately, because we could not make one of the final turns. We drove back twelve miles and stayed at the campground that we had before. It is a reasonably nice campground, but since they are the only one in the area, they charge $40 per night.

On Sunday morning we started the first leg of our journey toward Gettysburg, PA. We decided to only drive 130 miles, since we still felt tired. It turned out to be a good decision, because driving through that part of WV, meant dealing with curves and hills. Going uphill we were in fifth or fourth gear. When we crested the hill we usually had to use the exhaust brake and fourth or fifth gear to keep the speed in control when going downhill. Much of the time the downhill part had a curve in it. All of this took a lot of concentration on Tom's part.

Our stop was at the Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park. It was a beautiful area in the hills and nestled against the lake. Since it was so nice, we wanted to stay another day, but our site was reserved for the next day and we would have to move if we wanted to stay. We decided that if we were going to go through the work necessary to move the RV, we might as well drive to get closer to our destination.

Our next stop was to be in a campground about 170 miles away. We knew that it would be more hills and curves. When we crossed into the upper part of Maryland on I-68, the hills were still there, but there seemed to be fewer curves, so it was a little easier.

If we got lucky with the last campground, we were unlucky at the next one. It was located about four miles off the interstate, and the roads to it were narrow, curvy and hilly. When we finally arrived the place just didn't look real nice, but it was very crowded, so someone liked it. Our campsite was OK and we get TV satellite, but no connection for the internet. We both read that night.

The next morning Tuesday, we left for the Gettysburg area. After we got off the interstate the mapping program directed us to turn onto a state road. However there was a sign on the road that said that trucks greater than forty feet were not allowed. Our RV is technically 39' 11", but the towed car (toad) makes us about 65 feet long. The problem was the many very tight curves through a National forest. Tom was really relieved when we made it through. We never should have turned on that road. We should have continued straight and then figured put a new route. We usually look at the route that the computer suggests for narrow roads, but usually state roads are OK whereas county roads are not.

We arrived at the campground that is real close to the Gettysburg battlefield. After we set up camp, we decided to plan for the campgrounds that we would stay in for the next few weeks. The fact that July 4 is coming up blocked us out of a lot of places. So we decided to just stay here for 7 days.

The next campground is in Intercourse, PA. We didn't pick it for the name of the town. It was about the only one that had an opening, when we needed it.

Well this is enough for one journal. We will write about our visit here in Gettysburg in the next one.

Until next time,

Gail and Tom

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