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Hi All,

In a town called San Pedro on the shore of lake Atitlan.

Took a long Bus trip on Saturday morning. It was also very exciting it was a chicken mini bus.

The reason for the name is not that it has chickens it it but cause it plays chicken on the road. Some really daring overtaking. We required to go on a narrow road around a huge mountain. I England or SA the road is narrow enouigh to be a one way street with no parking on the side of the road.

There was a truck oncoming and we were rounding a bend and they barely braked and passed each other with out incident. There is no way I can work out how that worked!!!!.

One instance we overtook a truck on a blind bend.

Unbelievale-this is how they drive.

Anway got to Panajachel and took a boat to a town called Santa Cruz. It is not really a town. it got two hotels and some private houses. This is all on the shores of Lake Atitlan. This is a 900m deep lake and it exists on a collapsed volcano. basically, there were 5 lakes in the area and the one in the cventre colapsed many years and filled with water over the years.

So it is a huge lake surounded by 3 volcanoes and the fourth volcano hides behind one of the others. All are domant by the way. The views and scenrinity is unbelivable.

The only way around is by boat and the last boat is at 6/7pm so we stayed at the hotel for dinner. They had a barbeque for the guests and we were required to come crossed dressed. Was really fun but after dinner not many people danced they just sat around. Strange.

Next day headed to San Juan for a picture stop and then took a tuk tuk to San pedro. San Pedro is way bigger than Santa cruz but has amsterdam style coffee shops. Watched the America Vs Mexico Futball game at Nicke's Place (restaurant) and had a good lunch of fried fish and chips. So English I know.

Had a nap and watched the rain. we are at about 5/6000 feet above sea level. Rains everynight and tonight we had a magnificent tunder storm. at this height tunder is horrendously loud.

Went to a middle eastern style resaurant for dinner and being a sunday everything closes at 10 and the music was really laid back and made me really tired.

Oh, had dinner with a few people who had been to Cuba. Got intoa long discussion aon wether we liked it or not. Everyone had differnet stories but all the same that they hated it when they left but like it now that they out of it as it was an experience.

They also agreed that they have a good system, that will work if they had money coming into the country!!! They were Americans who said this- I wont put there names here incase the Uncle Sam has them sent to Gauntanamo to really experience Cuba hospitality at his majesty graces.

Hada good sleep from 11 till 7 but then realised I was eaten alive by the mossies or I think some may be bed bugs!!

Ok though.

Today is just a walk round the town and then head to Panajachel by boat. Have lunch and walk round then catch bus at 4 for an exciting ride back to Antigua.

I really like this place and all the pics I took dont do it justice. I hope to get all my pics loaded tomorrow.

Anyway, take care and see you soon.


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