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Prepared for Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb ... Looking good.

Thats us ... Number two and number three from the front.

Anyone know what this building is then ?

We climbed to the flags in the middle and back ....

On our Cocktail Cruise .. Thanks Elana and Paul

New Years Eve and We do like to keep everyone entertained !

Reunited with our old mate Gareth again. !

They party hard, out here .. This is 3pm New Years Eve...

Happy New Year to you all - Here we are in 2005. !

We have seen Sydney Harbour Bridge, for real with our very own EYES .. Woo Hoo. !

We climbed the Harbour Bridge on Wednesday morning at 6.00am and

we were so lucky with the weather, as it didn't rain. The views were amazing and

we were lucky enough to have Carol and Peter with us, who followed on the

ground snapping away with all the cameras.

Thanks to Elana and Paul,. they supplied us with a couple of tickets to wine

and dine on a cocktail cruise, which left Darling Harbour on Thursday evening,

and took us around The Rocks. We sampled a fine cocktail, that warmed the

cockels and took in the marvellous sights.

We wandered home via the Sydney Opera House, (which had a band warming up for the following evenings festivities) and then strolled through the Botanical gardens.

Enroute, we happened to spy the biggest BATS you will ever see in your entire life,

they are the same size as our CROWS at home. No word of a lie. !

So that brings us up to New Years Eve ... We went and saw Peter and Carol at Sky City their flat overlooking Pyrmont Harbour. Very nice indeed. ! Then headed back to our hotel, to get kitted out into our finery for the evenings festivities.

Well, on behalf of both of us .. I think its fare to say, we encountered the best

new years Eve EVER. The atmosphere was amazing, the crowds flocked to the Harbour

from the morning onwards, luckily we caught up with Gareth who had a prime spot in central Quays.

We met loads of people and just before nine o'clock there was a minutes silence for

the Earth Quake Disaster. Then the first lot of fireworks for the children were

let off and the music blared accross the harbour. (Everyone went crazy and they danced)

At midnight things really heated up and we have never seen fireworks like it,

Shelley bell got all excited as they finally lit up the Ball hanging from the

harbour bridge. Incidentally, we haven't a clue how that got put up,

it just appeared overnight.

After the fireworks we tried to get closer to the bridge to try and get a good

photo of the bridge all lit up and we were fighting against the crowds coming

in the opposite direction. We found ourselves slap bang in the middle of a street

party and it would have been rude not to stop and dance with the locals. !

We eventually got home, after a jaunt round Darling Harbour at about 3.00am. !

So this morning, we had a well deserved lie in and a trip to Bondi Beach, via Kings Cross.

Sunday we are off to stay with Rikk and family, an hour out of Sydney .. Thanks to

our mate Chris ( Pigeon) who put us in touch with his friends.

Not sure when we will next be in touch, as we leave Sydney on the 4th January and

will be heading for the Outback. ! Not sure if they have computers out there. !

Happy 2005 to you ALL !

Lots of Luv Hannah and Shelley Bell


( Shelley Bell says thanks to Jen and Paul, Fran and Stuart for her Birthday

present to climb the Harbour Bridge )

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