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It is a day of errands in Kota Kinabalu. We buy our ferry tickets to Brunei, departing at 8AM tomorrow. Then we spend several hours catching up on our blog (whew!), have a late lunch/early dinner, and then scurry around the mall to find ANOTHER alarm clock (the one we bought two days ago immediately broke). Unfortunately, our attempts to get our money back failed and we ended up, instead, with a couple of rain ponchos and a combo lock for exchange. Could be worse, I guess.

Thats about it ... one of our shortest entries! Tomorrow will be a long transportation day: a taxi to a ferry to another ferry to a bus to another bus or water taxi! In the middle, we'll cross into the Kingdom of Brunei, a tiny oil-rich Muslim country sandwiched between bits of Malaysia. Just for a day though ... then we're back to Malaysia for more exploration.


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