Greg & Tracy - 2007 Asia Trip travel blog

Birds eye view of the Awana 5 Star resort from our hotel...

Ah ... should someone tell Bones that her ball is to her...

Oh crikey ...this sucks ... Bones pass me my "shovel wedge"!!!

It just doesn't get any better than this

Yup ... this is the face of someone who just got a...

Awana Beach resort ... the resort has 7km of pristine beach front.

The water was crystal clear and excellent for snorkeling due to the...

Dozens of little coves along the 7km stretch of beach - excellent...

The Awana 5 Star Beach Resort and Golf Club. Yup ... we just had to spoil ourselves ... ...sure, why not!!

This resort was near the city of Kijal. Kijal is between Kemasik and it?

We treated ourselves to a few rounds of golf, juicy steak dinners, naps by the pool and walks along the amazing long beaches. The free buffet breakfast was comparable to the Hyatt brunch ... but we were FORCED to get up early and eat before it closed at 10am. Life is tough.

This hotel is a favourite spot for vacationing Singaporeans, Europeans, wealthy Malaysians and middle class Canadians.


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